Invitation to Adventure


25,000 mornings, give or take, is all we humans get. As athletes, we spend many of our mornings in training, we spend them healing an injury,  and we spend them perfecting a move. 

If we are lucky enough to be living our dreams, it dawns on us to find an opportunity to do what we love, with the ones we love, for as many of those mornings  as possible.

The perfect competition has a voice. If you listen close enough it whispers, one more pounding heart, one more round of applause, and one more moment of fame! It speaks softly through all those hours of pursuing perfection, murmuring, one more practice, one more challenge, one more run through.

We all get to that point where the day takes away more than it gives.  When the ‘to do’ list gets longer than the ‘I want to do’ lists. When the daily routine becomes the weekly, and then the monthly. The cure is simple, just add the healing waters of the Caribbean coast. The Jewel of Atlantis event provides just what you are looking for.  The perfect opportunity to combine your love for twirling, dancing, pom pom, and pageantry, surrounded by the love and enjoyment of a family vacation. Let us uncover the riches of competition, an invitation to the good life. Let’s lay back and dig our toes in the sand, between performances.

It’s time to play a little hookey, and relive the history of world champions competing on an international stage. From kicking off with creative and collaborative workshops, to nail biting performances, The Jewel of Atlantis provides a unique opportunity for athletes and families to spend time together. Get lost, and then found, in the 154 acre water scape, with freshwater and  saltwater lagoons, pools, marine habitats, waterslides, combined with a international competition that is unparalleled.

Even more then ever, as we come out of these unprecedented times, we are excited to offer The Jewel of Atlantis Event. We personally invite all of you to join us January 15-17, 2021 in the beautiful Bahamas. 

The Atlantis Team